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Bangalore, Karnataka, India !
Treat with care and sooth your skin by using our skin care products...

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A Brief of Our Company

Skin care is undoubtedly the most important thing for all of us as it majorly makes our looks. Every day our skin get directly exposed to all dirt, pollution, and many other harmful things that many times create problems like acne, tanning, etc. So taking care of skin becomes utmost important for us to keep it look young and good. Micans Body Care Pvt. Ltd., is one of the companies that work for serving natural skin care products so that your skin do not suffer any problem of aging effects. The company is a Manufacturer and Exporter of finest range of soaps and skin care items that before serving to you, have been tried and tested for ensuring that they leave no side effects on any skin. Array of our Skin Care Products, Natural Skin Care Products comprises Body Moisturizing Oil, Cocoa Butter Cream, Face Cleansing Oil, Hand Made Soaps, Jojoba Oil, Kokum Body Butter and many more.

Each one of our product is made out of 100% natural ingredient and is suitable to any skin type. And excellent results of our skin care preparations have earned fame to us across the globe. We ensure that the offered products remain free from impurities and have a good shelf life, hence we carefully pack each piece of the offered skincare range in appropriate materials. The packaging we do keeps us away from the safety worries of our soaps & shea butter during the time of transit and as long as they are stored.

Our Future Plans

As the environmental problems like humidity, high temperature and pollution are increasing, they cause many skin problems. This results in continuously increasing demands of good skincare products in the market and to fulfill this need of people of all the countries, our eminent unit is functioning for making products of this line of business. The main motive of us is to dominate the markets by offering an unmatched array of natural products for skin that give impressive results. We run our institute with high focus towards preparing effective and natural products that bring glow to the skin and make the user get rid of his/her skin problems. In the coming years, for making ourselves well settled in this industry we are looking forward to launch a wide range of Body care products which will include:-
  • Natural Hair Dye
  • Body Oil
  • Body Cream
  • Anti Aging Creams
International Market Presence

Dealing in international market might be a daunting task but with our strong market research and deep study of customers' requirements, we have ascertained prominence to our role as an Exporter. The company sincerely adhere to the norms of international standards and abide to the export/import laws on the basis of which it tremendously satisfies the customers in its domestic as well the foreign markets. We sincerely stand up on the ethical grounds set by the government that further help us in retaining trust of the clients. We make sure that we make available the needed skincare products as per the budgets of the major customers and make our stronghold in the respective markets.